HORIZON-STE Project has been Officially Kicked ofF

HORIZON-STE Project has been Officially Kicked ofF

Kick ofF Meeting – 7th May 2019

HORIZON-STE project has been officially kicked off on the 7th May 2019 in Brussels, at ESTELA’s premises.

At least one representative from each member of the consortium attended the meeting. In order to introduce and gather as many stakeholders as possible, members of the SET-Plan IWG, industry companies and research institutes were also invited to attend this Kick-off Meeting.

José-Luis Martinez-Dalmau, new President of ESTELA, welcomed all attendants and underlined the importance of the H-STE project for the entire STE sector in Europe. The President of PROTERMOSOLAR Luis Crespo also expressed his confidence that European policy makers no doubt better understand via this project the flexibility and other benefits the STE technology can bring to not just one EU country, but to several other European countries involved along the value chain. He also thanked the European Commission, especially DG R&I, for the continuous support to the STE sector.

Piero de Bonis, as project office of H-STE, also gave a warm welcome on behalf of the Commission to all participants stating among others that the support actions proposed in the project are more specific than other projects in the same call. The commission will provide any necessary support to carry out this project in a fluent wide collaborative way with Members States and IWG.